Free Drink Tokens
for Breweries

Stand out from the crowd with casino-quality ceramic poker chips as your free drink tokens. Customize with your colors, logo, and chip design! Get multiple designs in each order to use in a variety of different ways, or just get them all in one design, it’s up to you!

  • Free Drink Tokens  / BOGO / Free Crowler Tokens
  • Hand out at beer fests, events, and anniversary parties
  • Drive traffic to your new location with location specific chips
Free Drink Token Specs

Wood tokens are boring

Free drink wooden tokens are a thing of the past. They were cool, but every single one looks the same! Our fully custom poker chips allows you to customize all the colors on 100% of the chip. Yes, they’re a little bit more expensive than a cheap wooden cutout with 1 color printed on it — but your token is usually your first impression with a new customer… make it worthwhile.
Our Competitors Bosco's Poker Supply
Wood Tokens
"Composite Clay"
Plastic Chips
Fully Custom Ceramic Poker Chips
Cost Per Chip
Cost Per Chip $0.53 - $1.20
+ Shipping
$0.75 - $1.85
+ Shipping
$0.40 - $0.85
+ FREE Shipping
Material Wood ABS Plastic 100% Ceramic
  Chip Colors Available
Chip Colors Available 1 7 Full Color
  Design Time
Design Time None First 1/2 Hour is Free 3 Hours Included
  Printing Method
Printing Method Digitally Printed Printed on a Sticker Dye Sublimation directly on the chip
  Set Up Fee
Set Up Fees $35 $100 FREE
  Worldwide Shipping
Worldwide Shipping FREE
  Chip Designs Available
Chip Designs Available 1 3 128
Weight 2.6g 11.5g (ABS Plastic with a metal insert) 10g (Solid Ceramic)
  Edge-to-edge Customizable
Edge-to-edge Customizable
  Boring as all hell
Boring as all hell
Customize your chips from edge to edge

Custom Made to Match Your Brand

Work with our chip designer to come up with the perfect design for your free drink tokens. You can customize every single aspect about the chip from edge to edge, and even the offer! We’ll work with you to create a one of a kind promotional poker chip that is sure to impress and reflect how badass your brewery is.
Custom free drink tokens being edited
It's time to customize your free drink token!

Over 128 style options available!

Make your free drink tokens unique to your brewery or bar! Work directly with a designer to customize your free drink token to match your branding. To help you get started, you can pick from one of these 128 design options below — and we’ll customize it to match your brand, and make your free beer token stand out!