Custom Poker Chips

It’s time to elevate your poker game. Our Fully Custom Poker Chips allow you to create a one-of-a-kind set of chips. Work one-on-one with a designer to develop your dream set.

  • 128 chip styles & 9 inlay designs to choose from!
  • Customize all aspects of the chips: colors, edge spots, denominations, logo, you name it!
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2019/12/01 20:43:16
Customize your chips from edge to edge

Custom made just for you

Work with our chip designer to come up with the perfect design for your custom poker chip set utilizing over 128 different chip styles and 9 inlay shapes. You can customize every single aspect about the chip from edge to edge. We’ll work with you to create a one of a kind poker chip.
Pick Your Chip Mold

Choose from 2 Mold Options

With our semi-custom and fully custom options, choose from our standard 100% flat ceramic mold, or choose our new “card mold” that has a physical recessed design in the ceramic chip itself.
100% Customizeable Poker Chips

128 Style Options

Select from over 128+ design options and 7 center area shapes. Change any and every color, make them any denomination you want, or if you don’t see a design you like… we will create a custom edge spot!
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