Aces Poker & Card Room

High-quality Ceramic Poker Chips
with Paulson style designs

We set out to design a set of chips that bring out the colors, patterns, designs, and edge markings of high-end casino poker chips without the associated cost, all while providing an endless array of options for colors and customization. Our Aces Poker & Card Room chips can be assembled into your perfect set with increments of 25 chips, in over 20 different design and denomination options, or can be completely customized with your name, logo, or cardroom branding!

  • 39mm, 10gram flat ceramic chips
  • Slight “sand texture” for an excellent feel and look
  • Aligned edges to get that minty fresh casino feeling

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Custom chips without the custom price

Standard & Semi-Custom Style Options

Over 28 designs to Mix-and-Match

Make your perfect set of tournament and cash chips with our mix-and-match options! We provide a primary and secondary set, so if you like one chip, but not the other… swap them! Pick and choose your denominations in minimum orders of 25 each design!
Primary Cash
Secondary Cash
Primary Tournament
Secondary Tournament
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It's time to upgrade your chips

Weight & Size

We're sick of dinky plastic chips that feel cheap and don't weight anything... our 10gram ceramics feel good in your hand and are a standard 39mm size.


Shufflebility? You know, how easy poker chips shuffle, duh... these shuffle like a breeze.


We took inspiration from chip collector's favorite casino chips to create the colors and edge spots you see here!

Edge Aligned

With traditional ceramics, edge aligning is difficult... we match up our top designs to the edge designs to get a nice casino style look.
Let's be real

Nothing beats a Paulson poker chip...

But this comes pretty damn close.

Get the look and colors you’ve dreamed about with your perfect Paulson set… in a high-quality ceramic 39mm poker chip at a fraction of the cost. Going through the hastle of purchasing an old set, removing the labels, relabeling can be pricey and time consuming. Our semi-custom sets are perfect for a unique set that will impress your friends.
It's time to customize!

Style Options for the Fully Custom Option

Frequently Asking Questions

Are they slippery?
This is a pretty common question we hear because of the notorious feeling ceramic chips give you... these chips are finished in a ``sand finish`` texture that actually gives the chips a ``matte`` feeling to them, not glossy, not slick, and won't go flying off your fingers.
Can I change the denominations on the standard option?
Unfortunately no. These are pre-made chips. To change the denominations would require either the Semi-Custom or Fully Custom options. You are able to pick and choose which chips you want out of the Primary Cash, Secondary Cash, Primary Tournament, and Secondary tournament sets. Like the $5 primary, but the $0.25 secondary? You can do that!
What is the minimum order quantity?
This depends on what you are purchasing. For the Aces Poker & Card Room standard chips there is a minimum order quantity of at least 25 chips per design, in increments of 25. You can order as many as you'd like in increments of 25! For semi-custom chips the minimum order is 1,000 chips total, with any combination of designs in increments of 25. For fully custom chips, the minimum order is 1,000 chips with a maximum of 12 custom designs, in increments of 25.
What can I change with the semi-custom options?
For the Semi-Custom option you are allowed to change anything in the center ``inlay`` circle area on the chip. We can swap out the text and put your logo, change denominations, and more. You are unable to change the chip color, or edge patterns, but are able to pick and choose among the standard 28 design options.
What can I change with the Fully Custom option?
Pretty much everything. Pick from over 120 different 39mm chip styles, change the colors of the chip, edge spots, and more! There are also 9 inlay designs to choose from. You will work with a designer to come up with your dream chip.
What are your lead times?
Lead times vary depending on the option you select. For our standard pre-made Aces chips, the lead time is 3 days + shipping to your location (during our initial KickStarter campaign, this lead time may be up to 60 days until delivery). For semi-custom chips, the lead time is 21 days. For fully-custom chips the lead time is 35 days.
Will the edges be perfectly aligned?
It's pretty challenging to produce chips in bulk on ceramic with the edges PERFECTLY aligned, however, we try our best to align them within 1mm of the top marking. This is hardly noticeable during play, but for some, this may not work. Please look at the photos and videos for examples of this ``misaligned`` edge.
What are those marks I see on the side of the chips?
On each chip there may be a very tiny indentation and line where the ceramic blanks are produced, this is a manufacturing process that allows us to grip the chip and get the design printed on it. Depending on the color of the chips, this may be more noticeable, but in our opinion is hardly noticeable in person... just in high res photos! =p